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Clipex steel fencing from just 10p per m


Read more about McVeigh Parker, the leading provider of fencing, farming and equestrian supplies and the new Clipx fence solution.
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Find out how the Clipex fence solution could save you money. 50% faster to erect, stronger and longer lasting then other fencing.
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Full range of Clipex fence solution and X Fence wire available to buy from our online store. Great value and fast nationwide delivery available.
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Clipex Fence Solution

Saving money and time throughout the process

There are various fencing systems for long linear fences. What distinguishes the Clipex fencing solution is its simplicity of installation, strength, speed of implementation, performance over time and a saving in financial outlay.

  • Huge saving in labour and machinery.
  • Reduced health and safety due to minimum machinery and time required.
  • Reduced environmental concerns due to longevity
  • Greatly reduced maintenance.
  • Light yet exceptionally strong, easier to transport to site and erect.
  • Life expectancy exceeds 30 years.
  • Guaranteed for 30 years.

The Clipex system offers a range of advantages. Whatever type of fence is¬†being used, plain or barbed, X™knot joint or fabricated fences, all benefit from: