Cattle handling

Cattle handling

Clipex provides a wide range of innovative and alternative animal handling solutions to farmers. We have a wide range of Cattle crushes suitable for all farm sizes and needs. Cattle Handling made with Safety, Efficiency and Durability in mind.

Cattle Crush Range

Hot Dipped Manual HDX CRUSH RANGE


Designed as a fully manual hot dipped crush, the HDX crush features dual head bail handles, 1/2 sheeted slides gate, optional chin bar and optional side squeeze options.


New HDX noise dampening sheeting and rubber design, makes the HDX crush the most silent manual crush we have ever created.



We designed our hydraulic locking mechanism in conjunction with leading engineers, to create a mechanism that locks in any position while keep noise at a minimum.



HDX 900

The HDX900 crush has a built in floor with a single sided parallel squeeze, which enables the crush to squeeze up the animal to ensure safer operations. The squeeze can also be used to slow down cattle to enable easier catching.



HDX 1100

The HDX1100 is our best manual offering, maintaining all the great features the HDX series has to offer but uses some features from our excellent pneumatic range as well. The HDX1100 crush is fitted with a durable double sided parallel squeeze, which enables the crush to squeeze up the animal in the middle of the crush to ensure safer and easier operations. The squeeze can also be used to slow down cattle to enable easier catching. The squeeze closes to 12inches.




NEW Infinite locking system

• New rubber design

• Minimal gaps

• Nylon bushes

• Noise Dampening Paneling

• Silent operation

• Galvanised construction

• Heavy duty construction

• Drop-down safety handle

• Included With: HDX900 & HDX1100



• Lock Release

• Infinite Locking Mechanism

• Extendable Handle

• Adjustable Width

• Head Brace 




The HD series is fully hot dip galvanised; this ensures guaranteed performance to European/International Standard ISO 1416 standards. Hot dip galvanising is the pinnacle of today’s steel coatings.




Dual mechanical infinite locks keep the head bail secure. Locking in any position while maintaining a quiet operation is a must when handling cattle.

Although each lock is mechanical, they are activated pneumatically. This removes all the manual labour having the benefits of an air operated system without the issues of compression locks. Each lock, locks instantly using a steel bar instead of traditional methods that physically use the air cylinder as a lock. This creates compression in the cylinder leading to the head bail not locking securely as the air can compress in the locking mechanism. We created our system to have all the benefits of both mechanical instant locking mechanisms combined with the ease of use from pneumatic control.




The HD series features our best in class Parallel Squeeze. Featuring a silent lock and being fully sheeted on each side ensures your animal are squeezed without any added stress and keeping them totally safe.

Like the head bail lock, the Parallel squeeze locks using a mechanical lock while being assisted pneumatically. This has the benefits of instantly locking with the ease of pneumatic operations.





Out HD range utilizes our patented steel casted corners. These make the corner joints up to 40% stronger than traditional butt joints, making them the strongest on the market. This also enables us to make all doors on the crush removable and upgradable.





Each door is fitted with nylon bushes to enable silent operation. Each door is also removable enabling customisations and ease of servicing.





The pneumatic range includes our exclusive and patented rattle free latch system. With uncompromising strength and silent operation these latches are a standout feature in the pneumatic line up





The HD2000 is available with an automatic upgrade which enables Automatic drafting and sorting. Using independent logic boards, Load cells and sensors the HD2000 crush can sort and draft up to 300 cattle per hour autonomously.





If the HD2000 is upgraded to the automatic model, this includes a wireless remote which can operate the crush to enable you to be in the yard while still controlling your crush. The wireless foot pedal is an additional option for ease of use of operations at the head bail such as tagging or catching and releasing in the head bail while having your hands free




                            HD 1500 series Cattle Crush

The HD1500 crush, is built using our 120×40 hot dip galvanised HD rail type. This type of material is perfectly suited for our HD crushes as the rail is extremely strong and durable while maintaining excellent coverage to reduce bruising and animal stress.

                                                                                       HD 2000 series Cattle Crush

      The HD2000 series crush comes with an automatic option that enables auto drafting on weight or EID, either through the side draft, or through our drafter module. The Auto upgrade also includes remote control ability, to control the crush

      Fully pneumatic with autonomous control

      Comes complete with heavy duty floor & chin bar

      Included load bar mount points for recommended 5000kg load bars