Permanent Sheep yards

We design and manufacture all of our
sheep handling equipment. From our yard systems to our Automated Clipex® Sheep
Handler, we ensure you have the latest in sheep handling technology.



We can make these yards to
suit your operation with custom designs. Contact us for more details



  • Includes: Race and draft gates
  • Recommended option: Clipex® Sheep handler
  • Permanent Design
  • Maximum
    2300 Sheep


Draft squares

102od x 4mm hot
dipped gate posts

SH16 contractor
sheep handler

Sheeted panels on
inside off bugle

3-way draft, 4.5m
V race with anti-backing bars + 3-way manual v-draft

Permanent galvanised
sheep panels with 60od high tensile heavy duty gal frame material

Concreted Posts

The sheep yard is a permanent yard with concreted posts for all gates
and panels. 

Permanent Sheep yard Range